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Practice Areas

Insurance Defense
A major focus at Emerson Law Group is our insurance defense practice.  Our firm works with major insurance companies across the nation to investigate and defend claims brought against their insureds.  Over the years, our attorneys have developed the skills needed to fully evaluate these claims, including risk analysis, while ensuring that minimal litigation costs are incurred.  Our Trial history confirms our ability to aggressively litigate these claims, and our success in alternate dispute resolution assists us in seeking a swift resolution in those cases appropriately suited for same.  Our office also assists our clients in recovering their attorney’s fees and costs where allowed by law.

Premises Liability
Emerson Law Group works with property owners (commercial and residential) in the defense of claims associated with the ownership or control of their home or business.  The attorneys in our firm have vast Motion and Trial experience which assist us in defending these challenging claims.

Construction Defect
Emerson Law Group regularly represents contractors and sub-contractors of all trades in the defense of disputes relating to alleged construction defects.  These disputes range from multi-million dollar home developments to single family residences, and often include a multitude of parties and claims.  Over the years, we have successfully litigated complex matters including allegations of structural design and water intrusion. Our firm has also addressed challenging  coverage issues in these complicated claims.

Fire and Casualty
Emerson Law Group often assists insurance companies in the investigation and defense of theft and fire claims.  These claims are similar to complex litigation in that they require knowledge and experience in several areas – including construction, engineering, insurance coverage, and Trial.  Further, the complexity of these claims is often compounded by complaints of bad faith.  In addition to the experience of our firm, our clients benefit from the strong working relationships we have developed with experts specializing in investigating these claims.

Our law firm commonly secures Judgments owed to insurance companies and third party adjusters from third parties as a result of subrogation claims. These claims include various areas of law; including but not limited to, construction defect, property loss, casualty loss, and product liability.
Business & Commercial.

Our firm proudly represents businesses of all sizes and specialties, assisting them with their vast legal needs. In addition to State and Federal Court, we represent our clients in Administrative and various alternate dispute resolution forums; vigorously defending claims in the most cost efficient manner. The experience of our attorneys also allows our office to assist our clients in anticipating and avoiding litigation, as well as offering advice on non-litigation related disputes and meaningful settlement negotiations.

Our firm is known for the strong advocacy demonstrated in handling appeals on behalf of our clients. Whether preserving errors for appeal, drafting and arguing post-Trial Motions, or briefing the case for the Supreme Court, our attorneys ensure that the interests of our clients are protected.

Business Organization
Our firm assists individuals in forming businesses, including helping to determine whether to operate as a Limited Liability Company, Partnership, or Corporation, and drafting Operating Agreements. Additionally, once the business is established, we assist in maintaining good standing with the Secretary of State, update agreements, and assist with dissolution, if needed.

Emerson Law Group also assists insurers with coverage related concerns. Our comprehensive knowledge allows us to successfully analyze coverage, prepare opinions, draft position/reservation of rights letters, and represent insurance companies in coverage dispute litigation. Our firm also aggressively defends claims of bad faith against an insurer.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
In addition to our litigation experience, Emerson Law Group’s attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in various forums of dispute resolution, including Arbitration, Mediation, and Short Trial. Our firm is not only experienced with using alternate dispute resolution as means to a quick resolution, but also provides advice regarding conditions, terms, and costs associated with various forms of dispute resolution, allowing the client to determine whether alternate dispute resolution is appropriate for their matter.

Additionally, our firm’s Managing Partner, Phillip R. Emerson, Esq., has presided over numerous Arbitrations, both binding and non-binding.

Personal Injury
In addition to our vast defense history, Emerson Law Group often represents individuals who have suffered from injuries as a result of another person’s negligence. Whether involved in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or some other traumatic personal injury, our clients benefit from our litigation experience and ability to aggressively pursue all applicable claims (including lost wages, loss of consortium, and possible future economic loss) through the pursuit of all available legal means.