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Our Philosophy

Emerson Law Group is a law firm with a tradition of providing clients with the highest quality legal services in a cost efficient and timely manner. With over twenty-five years of combined litigation experience, Emerson Law Group has respected expertise in business, insurance defense and construction defect litigation.

Phillip R. Emerson and the firm’s experienced associates possess diverse talents, broad experience and expertise in many civil matters.  These diverse talents enhance the firm’s competence to handle a wide variety of matters including litigation prevention advice, alternative dispute resolution, coverage opinions and appellate litigation. We understand the needs of our clients and represent their interests throughout the state of Nevada.

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The practice of law is a profession, not simply a business.  We sincerely believe our clients both desire and deserve our personal attention in counsel.  After nearly a decade of combined litigation experience in larger law firms, we have chosen to separate ourselves from the large “cog in the wheel” multi-associate firms to devote individual time and attention to our clients. Our clients enjoy a single point of contact with the firm regarding their legal matters.  Further, they need not worry about their legal matters being shuffled from one associate to another. 

Emerson Law Group’s ultimate goal is the commitment to excellence and the client’s complete satisfaction.  Central to this philosophy is an earnest and timely evaluation of all legal matters, with the pragmatic objective of achieving the best outcome quickly and at the lowest possible cost.  Arbitration, mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution are encouraged and used when appropriate.

Our office is fully integrated with a state of the art computer and communications network.  The attorneys and staff have access to on-line and digital research tools and utilize the latest technology in centralized case file management, document preparation and cost tracking.  Further, as a paperless office, our attorneys have unlimited access to all active files.  Our office technology has allowed us to lead our industry on the cutting edge of law office technological innovation, which allows reduced litigation costs to our clients.  Specifically, by providing relevant case materials to other parties, experts, and clients electronically, we are able to cut avoid runner service and postage costs while ensuring that the documents are provided in a secure, expeditious manner.  Further, many conferences, depositions, and meetings involving out-of-state parties are conducted via video conference, which eliminates wasted travel time and expense. This case management style results in effective and expeditious handling of legal matters, with more favorable trial results and earlier settlements. 

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